Well its slightly difficult for me to write about myself because I am still exploring my creative self. I feel that I am a new chapter everyday, who wants to unfold something different, something that has a meaningful story, to which every woman can relate to. In my earlier blogs I was not so comfortable wearing short dresses because I was slightly uncomfortable about my flesh loaded with some good amount of fat. But now, I am comfortable wearing same short dresses and feel empowered about same. Its was not only with short dresses, but with sarees as well. Every blog I create has an essence of my open chapter and I wouldn’t mind unfolding some more. Right now fusion is in my mind and body, so if you want to get some dose of Indian wear with a hint of western wear, then you can follow my blogs and also comment about your take on it.

About my blog name STYLESAVITRI, it just came to my mind and I found it relative to my ideas of fashion. Also I found this name is creatively matured with the fusion part of fashion I create. Its been lot of struggle since then and I never give up and feel bad about it. After all this struggle is shaping me up and helping me create some meaningful and versatile content. I always try to create unusual from usual, so the women/girls who tend to read my blog can easily create similar looks by shuffling through their wardrobe, rather then buying them. Lastly my advice to all is never follow the rat race and create something different to let the crowd appreciate and follow your take on fashion.