Little joys of life comes in dipping yourself in soulful gestures. Every person has a different way to cherish their joys. For me finding a right outfit makes my soul happy and dainty. This well tailored wrap & block dress is a pure delight to wear for its fabric and smartly designed silhouette, which falls perfect on my body. Its made out of the finest cotton and it makes my skin feel the breeze within while adorning it. The contrast of two pastel shades i.e. tangerine and blue makes it even more special as they make my entire look colorful and so very elegant for its soft hues that are not loud but  pleasantly appealing. Interestingly this outfit from PROFUSION FASHIONS ( click this link to buy this outfit ) comes in U.S. SIZE  18 – 26 .

Styling my outfit was fun, as I loved to play with similar colors present in my outfit. I decided to go minimal with a pair of hand painted earrings in same tone as of my outfit and a headgear with colorful flowers over it. I wanted to flaunt a hint of cowboy spirit with my attire, so I picked up a pair of tanned boots from my own collection of shoes.

Completed my look with a gorgeous, handcrafted FRIDA KAHLO bag, which was easy to carry as well complimented my attire with a certain twist.



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