When on vacation, dress easy. That’s my mantra. Pack less and enjoy more. Wear things that are less fuzzy and makes the entire trip comfortable. Here I pinned up this shrug as a top, along with a pair of breezy palazzo pants and a light weight afghani earrings.

Black is a simple and sober color which requires less efforts to style, also my shrug is done with amazing quirky tribal embroidery which breaks the black monotony hence makes my look ever interesting.

Since my travel was more for relaxing rather then flaunting, so I chose these black slides which added some more comfort to my feet.

Lastly my tribal hand embroidery bag added a cherry on top and made my look to vouch for 🙂

This is a no makeup look and I am happy to share some incredible moments I have had while my stay in Igatpuri ( Maharashtra )


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