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Every wardrobe has a story. Mine too. Its filled with so much love, and that love is for my precious collection of sarees.

I hear people suggest me to loose weight, to go to gym, to exercise, otherwise I will become more heavier and uglier. Today I want to tell everyone who gives me these free suggestions to buzz off, I am happy the way I am and the best thing that helps me look good in my curves is my SAREE. I love wearing my SAREES and they love me back. Let the people say, I care a damn about what they think. All I want is keep admiring my ” FLAWS ” in my SAREE  and flaunt my paunch in it with pride.

When people hear this word SAREE we start visualizing it to a traditional form of Indian attire. Its only worn by women, either in festivals or in cultural functions like weddings and ceremonies. I want to break this stereotype notion for saree is such a beautiful and elegant attire which can be worn by anyone at anytime.

When I wear saree, I feel free and comfortable and I feel stylish not because its Indian wear, but it has a unique style that uplifts my spirits and make me feel empowered in my own skin.

There are many ways to drape a saree but I chose to wear this amazing piece of banarsi silk saree from CRAFTSVILLA, with a peplum top and a pair of shiny platform shoes. Alongside I wore these hand embroidered pair of earrings and a finger ring from KOO KOO SHOP to make the entire contrast look vibrant.

Craftsvilla has a versatile collection of sarees to choose from, with a budget friendly price and fast delivery. I chose this particular saree for its gorgeous color theme and tremendously beautiful woven art work in it.

Completed my look with a mauve lip color and lots of kohl in eyes 🙂






  1. Saree is traditional as well as a beautiful ornament a woman can wear to look the best anytime. love what you are wearing and the way you have draped it so well

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