Give me colors and I shall make a kaleidoscope out of it !! If you are following me since long, you must be acquainted  with my love for bright colors.

Chose to wear a black shirt dress over a colorful skirt because I wanted to set a fusion of tribal with contemporary.

My look is inspired from rural women of Haryana/Rajasthan who wears white shirt over ghagra, along with some beautiful tribal, afghani jewelry.

What I did different here is, I wore a black shirt dress instead of a white shirt. My whole idea was to let my jewelry stand out for itself while complimenting my complete attire. Black just did that, for it went really well with my skirt, along with it made my jewelry stand apart from the rest in crowd. And I personally feel, silver ornaments looks best with black.

Completed my whole look with a pair of platform shoes and a dash of nude shade on my lips.



  1. You look so stunning and complete with this look. You are among the ones who is still keeping the haryanvi and Rajasthani look alive.

  2. I love your inspiration behind this look. You’ve matched the style of rural rajasthani women. Well curated and also this jewelleries are amazing.

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