It was a bright sunny day just after the clouds disappeared along with rains. Monsoon season ditches rains some of the days here in Mumbai and that is when I get a chance to try out my gingham style in a bright colorful manner. Sunshine after rains comes with a bright and natural glow with lush green plants and trees drenched all together in drops of rain. I love the fragrance of those few precious drops falling from leaves, long after the rain is over and how the sparkling sunshine makes them glow in a way that it seems like a movie where pearls are falling up from the sky, making me feel like a princess.

This happens few times in Mumbai and I make sure to hop out of home in the best, stylish way possible.

Keeping my bright mood up, I styled my gingham dress with funky tassel earrings and a playboy headband.  All the green glow in nature pushed my thoughts a little more and I ended up adorning these quirky sunglasses with elan.

Finishing my look with white sneakers for we get to wear shoes only sometimes in rainy season and I always want an excuse to go for them for its sporty appeal, as well it adds comfort and tomboyish feel to my look without compromising my girlish aura.

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