Well I tried to look like a sethaani ( businessman’s wife ) here, but when I got ready and gazed myself in mirror, I found a complete new me. Ethical is a word this season, and its not only liked by us, but also selling like hot cakes in western contries. Well I always tried telling you not to follow any trends but create your own by styling in your own experimental ways. Here I picked two sustainable pieces of clothes and added some afghani jewelry that has completely accentuated my look. What I did this time is I converted this shrug into a top cum jacket by putting few wooden buttons on the placket, and wore it with my kashish dabu hand block printed dress.  Adding jewelry was not really necessary but it helped my inner sethaani attitude come out 😀

This choker is my all time favourite for it makes me feel royal everytime I adorn it 🙂

Also I tried putting one of my earrings on my forehead and was quite successful in it. Vegetable dyed fabrics did magic in giving my look a raw but completely royal feel.

Please let me know in comments below about your take on this look 🙂


2 thoughts on “SETHAANI

  1. The vibrant colour makes the #sethani look come out! #RawButRoyal indeed. The innovation in fashion again resonates with this style as well. Using Earring on your forehead and applying those wooden buttons have been outstanding and has played a key role to bring out that real sethani look stand-out. Above all, the important fact that applies to any fashion is carrying out the style with your perfect attitude and you never fail on that. The look of a sethani stands out with your confident attitude!
    #Raw #Real #Sethani #AttitudeDefinesStyle #InnovativeFashion

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