Mixing garments is fun. Isn’t it? Yea. Every girl does it. But the point is, the way we do it is right or not. Keeping in mind color theme and contrasting is important, also the entire silhouette should look appealing at the same time.

I started with two garments, one of which is beautifully hand block printed with leaves, where Sanganeri technique is applied ( Rajasthani block print technique ) to make this garment exceptionally vibrant and colorful. This indie gown has a string attached to the waist with pom pom (made from same fabric ) falling down at the end of strings. As this garment is already such a beautiful piece in itself, I thought adding a solid color dress over it would do justice and break the monotony in a certain quirky way. Also when I thought of contrast, blue goes well with yellow hue. Waiting no more I wore my denim pinafore knee length dress over my gown, and let the strings fall down from it as it gives this dress a fun feel.

Accessoriing was not that tough as there are lot of colors within two garments, that mixing accessories was easy. I chose these handcrafted kali earrings made from clay, not just for the color, but KALI depicts powerful woman, so I personally feel it goes well with my fiercy self.

Footwear had to be colorful but elegant at the same time, so I wore my multi colored brogues ( oxford shoes ) in pastel shades for its color as well as comfort and it also adds a BIG thumbs up to my attire 🙂


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