Heylo peeps !! Hope all of you are doing good. Well, yes ! I know I wasn’t blogging for past few months as I was not keeping well. In this off time from work, all bedridden, I shopped a lot online and through Instagram. Well, while shopping in sedentary mood,  I realised I have some hidden love for our culture and its tribes. Guess what, I shopped mostly Indie stuff –  Be it Sarees, Blouses, Gowns or Tunics in sustainable/ethical fabrics, which I am going to blog one on one soon 🙂 😉

Well these pictures below are taken in STYLECRACKER ( Fashion pop up event ) which took place in Mumbai, where I chose to dress up like a tribal babe, wearing all Indian with a hint of Afgani touch to achieve those ” Fusion ” goals 😀

ATTIRE – My look here speaks loud and clear that I am wearing a saree blouse. Yea man, coz it is so awesomely hand painted, that covering it underneath saree pallu would not do enough justice with its beauty. Well, I will one day surely wear it underneath saree, but for now let me flaunt it as a crop top 😉

Also I love experimenting with odd color contrasting, and I am sure you will agree I did it very well this time 😉 .

So I paired this beautiful blouse contrasted in three different colors ( yellow, green and pink ) with a solid red hued dhoti pants and the gathered silhouette came out pretty appealing.

AFGHANI CHOKER – Well I shopped few accessories as well while I was ill. As I said earlier I shopped few tribal and handcrafted accessories too. This afghan choker was a killer and changed my entire look in a jiffy. It acted as a statement piece and looked so cool that I couldn’t stop looking myself in the mirror every now and then 😉

BANGLES – How could my hands remain empty. Yea, so I added few bangles to my not so casual look, and that again with the tribal twist. If you go through my pictures, you will find these bangles are embellished with nothing but Indian currency three paise coins, which you will hardly find anywhere. When I saw these authentic bangles on a cute girl’s Instagram’s daily feed randomly, I couldn’t help myself purchasing them.

FINGER RING – This finger ring I am adorning is handcrafted, unique and got delivered the same day of event.

SHOES – I am a sucker for pretty shoes. These shoes I saw online has to had my feet in them for I got crazy for its shine and platform styling. No need to say these are adding 10 on 10 points to my look.

BAG – Lastly this bag is complimenting my look for its tribal kutch hand embroidery and tassels in suede leather, which makes me feel complete for I am perfectly dressed up now for a fashion event 🙂

Please feel free to comment below and let me know your take on this 🙂



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