Office blues??? Beat them by adding few stars to your dull corporate look. It will not only make you look but feel bright and fresh throughout the day.

I bought these pair of star studded blue denims from Kook n Keech by Myntra.

As you all know (if you are following my blog), I am a big BIG Mickey Mouse fan, so I adorned this t-shirt which I bought from Forever21, to quirk my look a little more.

To give myself more of a corporate feel, I layered my entire look in a black Shirt dress from Mango, which I prefer unbuttoned.

Well, my feet need to be comfortable and relaxed, as my work demands a lot of moving and standing.

But at the same time it should look stylish 😉

So I decided to wear a pair of flat gladiators with studded metals on it.

Now if you notice my attire again.. You will find that I just need to let my hair down to turn the complete feel into an evening look.



Yes! Office hours are over and I am dancing in free spirit for my evening plans !


Playing with your pet does no harm but refreshes you from all the work stress.



Finally, I’ve let  down my hair and I am ready for that evening plan !





T-shirt by FOREVER21

Black Shirt Dress by MANGO

A pair of denims from Kook n Keech by MYNTRA

A pair of gladiators by 20Dresses by MYNTRA

Shades by FOREVER21

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