It was raining, and I was looking for shelter to save myself from getting drenched. Luckily I found my shelter outside safdarjung bus stop. The place happened to be DILLI HAAT, a famous crafts mela, which caught my attention. As the rain stopped, I decided to buy a ticket to visit the place. Heard a lot about this place but never got a chance to visit it. I was amazed to see the mix of every color, region and state under one roof. The smell of pickles, chaat and other food items increased my appetite and I rushed and had my share of Golgappas.

Be it phulkari from Punjab, dancing dolls from Tamilnadu or mojari from Rajasthan, each stall had its appeal. A beautiful share of talent is what I discovered that day. Best bargains and better options then what you get anywhere else. Handcrafted jewelry from different states, be it colorful variety of bangles or a tribal handcrafted piece of necklace. Hand painted scarfs were my favourite and I bought one for myself. Alluring home decor, be it an acrylic painting or a wall hanging. Each stall was telling a unique story of its state and region.

A must visit, only if you are looking for some handcrafed and out of the box creative items.

And yes, a nice place to explore for foodies.

















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